Check out the Dance with Mollie and Bollywood Seattle Student Show Reels:


On Fox Q13 in Seattle, WA 2014

Bollywood Seattle Students and Performers dance at World Rhythm Festival, 2014  

Group lesson at World Rhythm Festival - 2014

Bollywood Seattle Students perform at the Mediterranean Festival, Seattle 2013

Mollie and Bollywood Seattle teach at the Settle International Dance Festival, 2013

Mollie and Bollywood Seattle teach 200+ people at Northwest FolkLife, 2013

Dance with Mollie & Bollywood Seattle Student Performance, April 2013

Dance with Mollie & Bollywood Seattle Workshop at World Rhythm Festival, 2013

Bollywood Seattle style Bachelorette Party! February 2013

Friends and Family showcase  - December 2012

Friends and Family showcase  - September 2012

Dance with Mollie at MedFest - Summer 2012

Bollywood Flash Mob in Seattle! Choreographed by Mollie Singh

World Rhythm Festival 2012 - Dance with Mollie Workshop

Friends and Family event - December 2011 

Summer 2011 Dance with Mollie Student Show Reel - Mollie teaches two series in Seattle, WA this summer.

Spring 2011 Dance with Mollie Show Reel - Mollie teaches two series, and several workshops around Seattle, WA this spring.

Bollywood Seattle Performers Show Reel - Taught, choreographed and directed by Mollie Singh

All Level Student Performance: These lovely ladies learned the original choreography to Aaja Nachle in just 10 weeks!

Winter 2011 Show reel - Includes Dance with Mollie student performance and Bollywood Seattle Performers shows through the season.

Fall Showreel - includes portions of student performances and solos by Bollywood Seattle Performers

Imei Performs at Northwest Folklife - May 2010

Private wedding party doing a Bollywood dance Jai Ho Choreographed by Mollie Singh

The Bolly Bears, as they call themselves, learned this choreography in just 90 minutes. They were celebrating a birthday and doing some team building for their softball team.

Mollie teaches at World Rhythm Festival, 2010

Bhangra and Bollywood Lessons in Seattle