Personal story:

When I first moved to Seattle, I was excited to see how much enthusiasm there was for all things Bollywood. The Pacific Northwest has so much to offer – regular Bollywood movie showings, Bollywood dance nights at the clubs, not to mention the dance shows and classes. Personally, my love for Bollywood came from its diversity and inclusiveness. Bollywood dance has always borrowed from other styles; first from the classical and folk dances of India, and later from the world.


Here in Seattle, I noticed, the Belly dance community welcomed Bollywood into their style, often learning and incorporating Bollywood into their shows. It has become a catchall dance craze that unites us all – those that grew up with Bollywood movies, and those that came to it later. Unfortunately, before this 2012, there was no Bollywood showcase at one of the biggest community events in the Pacific Northwest. It was remedied this year!


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